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Lauren, Fitness
Lauren New to the Studio in a tight black dress
Kashma Maharaj, Bodybuilder
Kashma Maharaj - 3-time National Bodybuilding Champion of Trinidad

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Tiffany Whitmore Tiffany Whitmore
Caroline Williams, Fitness Figure Model Caroline Williams
Hayley Brylewski, Athlete Hayley Brylewski
Alina Popa, Bodybuilder Alina Popa
Amanda Hatfield Amanda Hatfield

• Natalie Stroster
What do high level college athletes like track sprinter Natalie do when their track career is over? Hopefully they transition to the Bikini division as fitness athletes. Here's Michigan native Natalie in her photo gallery update. This young lady is just starting to roll in her new endeavor. Enjoy the climb young lady, you'll do well.

• Jessica Reyes
We've got the most impressive Jessica back with a 5-clip video update. What a resume this Puerto Rican native has produced. An IFBB Figure pro, Hollywood stunt actress, and a bad-ass martial art participant all rolled up in one hard-bodied beauty of a woman. Check her out gang, she's more than worth a look.

• Jess Silver
Jess is up with her 6-clip video update. She wears that sun dress oh so well, giving us plenty of opportunity to appreciate her solid protruding peaked biceps. This 40-something massage therapist is a hard-edged physical woman while also very charming and feminine. Hence the beauty of Ageless Muscle. Enjoy, gang

• Jess Silver
Ageless Muscle at you gang with Jess showing us some serious guns with peaks going on in all the right places. Check out her photo gallery update and see for yourselves. Still a competitive national Figure athlete, Jess is always ready to show off those wonderfully peaked biceps on request. This shoot was taken during her off season but you'd hardly know that from seeing her in that cute dress she's sporting.

• Aubrey and Athena
LIFT FANS: we can see the 5 foot 1 Aubrey and the 5 feet 11 Athena in a 5 video clip update. Quite the height difference between the 2 national Bikini competitors. One thing is certain, they're both very strong as they lift and cradle each other for long poses while doing it effortlessly. How can you not like that gang?

• Aubrey and Athena
We have a Sisters in Arms feature for you with this photo gallery update introducing Aubrey and Athena together. Athena is 5'11 and completes as a national Bikini competitor as does the 5-1 Aubrey. Enjoy them in height comparisons while also showing off their strength with long lifts of each other. Yes, the shorter Aubrey handles the much taller Athena quite easily to the astonishment of the tall and strong Athena. That's the kind of fun we have going on for you here in the Studio, gang

• Jennifer McArver
We have national NPC Figure standout Jennifer in a 5 video clip update. This is an encore shoot with her and she just keeps getting more impressive as time goes by. Her feminine charms, that sweet vascular road map intertwined with hard peaked muscles make for a very entertaining update gang. Enjoy ...

• Natalie Newhart
Natalie is back for another video update with 6 clips. This longtime Cross Fit athlete brings a chiseled, hard, vascular look along with a delightful fresh attitude about her that you just can't get enough of. This Colorado standout is flexing hard and strong while displaying adorable charms throughout the shoot. Last year the Studio was very productive in bringing new talented muscle chicks aboard on a regular basis for your viewing pleasure. Natalie is a perfect example of that because there's something about the way she flexes those big bulging vascular muscles of hers so don't miss out gang.

• Kessia Mirellys
We've got a treat for the Studio with a photo gallery update of Florida knockout Kessia. This national Figure athlete garnered a 3rd place finish at the recent Nationals two months ago, so she is primed for a pro card very soon. How do I count the ways to describe this former Jr. Olympics standout with the oh-so-tantalizing ABS. I always say you can't teach sexy and Kessia certainly brings a package that includes that and so much more. Prepare to be enchanted gang, trust me on this. Thanks to Dan Ray for this awesome night shoot in Miami.

• Suha Qasem
Well since we've already posted a Suha picture update, we're coming right back with a 5 video clip update. And if you saw the pics, you know what you're going to see in the video then. Crazy crazy gang with this New Yorker bringing some of the most wicked biceps you will ever see. Just filthy in fact with those peaks and crevices etched in stone hard muscle. Sit back and enjoy the wickedness of the new Physique IFBB pro in action.

Jill Brooks, Fitness and Figure Jill Brooks
Yeon and Skylar Yeon and Skylar
Christina Toon Christina Toon
Lisamaris Davila Vacques, Bodybuilder Lisamaris Davila Vacques
Cassie Rowe, Physique Cassie Rowe