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Lauren, Fitness
Lauren New to the Studio in a tight black dress
Kashma Maharaj, Bodybuilder
Kashma Maharaj - 3-time National Bodybuilding Champion of Trinidad

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Tiffany Whitmore Tiffany Whitmore
Caroline Williams, Fitness Figure Model Caroline Williams
Hayley Brylewski, Athlete Hayley Brylewski
Alina Popa, Bodybuilder Alina Popa
Amanda Hatfield Amanda Hatfield

• Kristen Mulligan
We welcome Kristen, this rock hard Canuck to the Studio with this photo gallery update. Kristen competed at the Arnold in Columbus as a Figure athlete with two Top 5 finishes in both the open and over-35 Masters division. This woman has a back and traps you won't normally see on a Figure competitor. A Brickhouse is more like it. Such a sweetie too. So check her out. The new talent just keeps flowing in, gang.

• Arnold Expo 2017
The Arnold Expo Highlights is always fun and entertaining with top fitness industry ladies showing off their guns and flexing in cameo appearances for Studio cameras. We've got 7 more video clips of that same kind of fun. Enjoy gang.

• Mary Marji
We're coming right back with the mesmerizing Mary for a 6 video clip update. I mean this lady has so many muscle charms going on with her exotic beauty not to mention some of the most killer arms you'll see on a national Figure athlete. With high split peaked biceps to die for, Mary brings it and then some in her own alluring way. Another example of the quality of new muscle talent we bring to you right here in the Studio.

• Diana Schnaidt
Diana is making her Studio debut in this photo gallery update. The former runway model who earned her IFBB card as a Figure athlete has now settled into the Physique division. What a treat for us to snag this stunning woman laden with high level muscle development. From crazy peaked biceps to large wonderfully shaped calves is what we have in Diana. Yet another splendid addition for KrivsStudio to enjoy gang

• Arnold Expo 2017
Fresh from the Arnold sports festival weekend in Columbus, we have a 5 video clip update of Expo highlights. Always an entertaining feature here in the Studio, we show you some of the sights and sounds of the huge 3-day Expo activities. Many A-list competitors in cameo appearances as you'll see plus just some random fun new talent for all you to enjoy. Much more content to come after this post also.

• Jennifer Keller Conley
How about a 1 clip update of the 6 foot ripped Jennifer showing you her ripped up back and great rear bicep too. You got it.

• Kessia Mirellys
We've got a 2 clip update of this adorable young heart breaker Kessia. Just watch and be enchanted by this top tier national Figure athlete with charms enough to stop traffic. Seriously.

• Mary Marji
We're introducing Mary to the Studio making her photo gallery debut. I shot with Mary at the recent Arnold sports festival weekend where she competed in the amateur Figure division. This being her first national show, Mary snagged a 6th place finish after being a 1st call out in the prejudging. This native of Jordan, now living in Syracuse NY, is a sexy knockout with beautifully hard peaked muscles to enchant you with. Yet another big time newcomer in the Studio for your entertainment, gang.

• Yesinia Perez
We've got a 7 video update of IFBB Pro fitness Hottie Yesenia. This is from our 2nd shoot with the Argentina native now living in Miami. Whether it's show conditioning or off season like this one was, Yesenia brings her feminine charms and those athletic moves along with her. The bottom line here is that Yesenia was a great catch for the Studio and a very seductive entertaining model for our viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

• Celia Torres
Check out this heartbreaker from Texas. She happens to work in television, as you can tell by her knockout looks in this photo gallery update. Celia also competes as a national Bikini competitor who hopes to capture her pro card soon. Got to love these sexy cuties who love to flex their muscles for you.

• Suha Qasem
Suha is back for a 7 video clip update so be prepared to see some awesome muscle shapes with sharply edged hardness to them. Suha recently won her pro card and for good reason. Come on in to see why gang.I'll bet it won't take long either.

• Lise Ha-Pham
Lise was yet another standout newcomer for us as this native of France followed our shoot weeks later by winning her pro card. I'll be honest gang, i just enjoy watching her flex those killer arms over and over again. Check out her 3 video clip update and enjoy her like you did Lise's debut updates. Something about her.

Jill Brooks, Fitness and Figure Jill Brooks
Yeon and Skylar Yeon and Skylar
Christina Toon Christina Toon
Lisamaris Davila Vacques, Bodybuilder Lisamaris Davila Vacques
Cassie Rowe, Physique Cassie Rowe