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Lauren, Fitness
Lauren New to the Studio in a tight black dress
Kashma Maharaj, Bodybuilder
Kashma Maharaj - 3-time National Bodybuilding Champion of Trinidad

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Tiffany Whitmore Tiffany Whitmore
Caroline Williams, Fitness Figure Model Caroline Williams
Hayley Brylewski, Athlete Hayley Brylewski
Alina Popa, Bodybuilder Alina Popa
Amanda Hatfield Amanda Hatfield

• Jennifer McArver
Jennifer is back with an encore shoot we did at the Nationals in November. Check out her photo gallery update and see how she's bringing a superior overall package to the Studio. Seeking a pro card in the Figure Division, Jennifer is a multi top 5 finisher as a national competitor. Bottom line ... Jennifer rocks on so many levels with her vascular look enhancing her overall excellence.

• Chara Dixon
We re-posted clip #6 because it got cut off before it was finished. That's a good thing because 30 more seconds of Chara can so enchant you. If you've seen the first 5, you'll know what i mean.

• Chara Dixon
National Figure athlete Chara is checking in with a 6-video clip update. After seeing her pics, you know that you'll be seeing a hard sexy woman flexing and being adorable throughout the update. This 25-year-old Pennsylvania looker brings charisma with a whole lot of feminine muscle charms to the Studio. Come on in and be enchanted by Chara since she's here for you now.

• Suha Qasem
Suha is our newest model and what a treat that is for us here in the Studio to see. This New Yorker, who just earned her IFBB pro card in the Physique division at the recent Nationals in Miami has a unique look about her. That will become abundantly clear as you check out her photo gallery update shot by Mr. Dan Ray. This martial arts devotee possesses some incredibly peaked biceps that will astound you with their shape, peaks, and hardness. When she flexes, people take a double look at them just to make sure they're real. They are real gang so get ready to enjoy Suha and all of the wonderful things she brings to us in the new year.

• Lise Ha-Pham
As we saw in her photo gallery update, the French born Lise brings an exciting feminine muscle package to the Studio. Check out Lise in her 6 video clip update to see for yourselves. If you meet her in person all covered up, she looks quite normal. When Lise finally uncovers her arms though to show off her biceps, normal becomes exciting. Better yet, she loves to show them off for her admirers which are us now. Enjoy the experience and thrill, gang.

• Linda Estavillo
Wouldn't it be a dream to schedule an appointment for a massage theapist and have Linda walk in the room ... thrilling would be more like it. As a national bodybuilding athlete, Linda posseses an impressive package of muscle groups to thrill and excite you with as you'll see in her 5 video clip update. No shortge of female muscle coming at you here in the Studio gang, bottom line.

• Chara Dixon
Chara is an up and comer in the Figure division as a national competitor, that's for sure. Check out her photo gallery update and see this 25-year-old stunner looking hard and sexy. All kinds of muscle charms going on here gang as the Studio continues to bring you fresh new top level feminine muscle on a continuous basis.

• Lauren and Derina
It's fun time in the Studio with a 5 video clip update of 2 strong, sexy, athletic ladies getting together and showing off all of their muscle charms. Lifting each other so very easily and flexing their muscles with attitude is all part of a great sister's in arms feature for an entertainment delight. That's how we do it around here gang.

• Lise Ha-Pham
Lise adds some international flavor to the Studio as a native of France now living in LA. We met up to shoot at this year's Olympia in September as she was preparing for her Pro debut in October. Don't let that cute innocent look fool you, this French woman brings serious guns to her show, which is wherever she is. Lise brings it gang as you will see in her photo gallery update. Lise loves to flex and show you how impressive her biceps are while showing them off for your viewing pleasure.

Jill Brooks, Fitness and Figure Jill Brooks
Yeon and Skylar Yeon and Skylar
Christina Toon Christina Toon
Lisamaris Davila Vacques, Bodybuilder Lisamaris Davila Vacques
Cassie Rowe, Physique Cassie Rowe