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Lauren, Fitness
Lauren New to the Studio in a tight black dress
Kashma Maharaj, Bodybuilder
Kashma Maharaj - 3-time National Bodybuilding Champion of Trinidad

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Tiffany Whitmore Tiffany Whitmore
Caroline Williams, Fitness Figure Model Caroline Williams
Hayley Brylewski, Athlete Hayley Brylewski
Alina Popa, Bodybuilder Alina Popa
Amanda Hatfield Amanda Hatfield

• Tamika Irvin
We're bringing you our reprise shoot with this dazzling charmer of a woman with this 5 video clip update. This IFBB pro figure athlete brings so much dazzle to a shoot with beautiful muscles all over her sculpted physique. Tamika is a former 2 time college All-American sprinter who could hunt you down in less than a NY minute which only adds to her very feminine nature. You join the Studio to be enchanted and entertained by our models. Tamika certainly embodies that to the fullest. This is why we're the home of feminine muscle.

• Gillian Ward
To say the Studio was happy to bring Gillian into the fold would be a huge understatement. Beauty is one thing. Being one of the strongest women in the world is amazing. Together it's a power-packed combination you'll witness in her 5 video clip update. Physically built and sculpted through years of gymnastics has allowed Gillian to expand her amazing athletic/strength career to levels few have ever experienced or achieved. Lucky us, she's now here for your viewing pleasure.

• Amanda Imperato
We've got Amanda back with a photo gallery update. This army engineer officer, as you saw in her video segments, is a lean hard body with rippling muscles all over. You can see why she was the overall amateur Physique winner at the Europa Charlotte show. Ripped usually translates , as we know. Thanks Dan Ray for authoring this photo shoot.

• Sherri Gray
We've got Ageless muscle at a high level here with a 5 video clip update. Sherri honed her big beautiful muscles as a bodybuilder who has now transitioned into a IFBB Physique pro. This southern belle certainly plays the part of the most muscular female in the room while certainly enjoying the attention it causes. I've seen it. With her massive bulging triceps leading the way, Sherri is still attractive as all get out. All kind of viewing entertainment for you here gang. ENJOY

• Amanda Imperato
We're introducing Army engineer officer Captain Amanda to the Studio. When she's not serving her country (and thank you for your service young lady), Amanda competes as an amateur physique competitor. This hard woman just recently competed and earned the trophy as the 2017 NPC Charlotte Europa Women's physique overall champion. Here's a 5 video clip update of this hard, cut, vascular soldier who will be heading to the national stage soon. First though, Amanda will be heading off to ranger school to further her winning military career. Great job Captain.

• Gillian Ward
So very happy to bring Gillian aboard with her photo gallery update for your viewing pleasure. We met up with this powerhouse of a woman at the recent Charlotte pro Europa weekend. Even though Gillian wasn't competing, she looks robust 24/7. Her amazing athletic career includes being a long time gymnast, record powerlifter, and now IFBB Pro physique athlete among other physical endevours. Bottom line, Gillian is a beautiful lady who pound for pound is one of the strongest woman in the world. Thanks to Studio friend Dan Ray for doing a great job shooting this photo update.

• Sandee Cheeks Estes
Sandee the Bikininator is back with a 5 video clip update and that's a great thing for the Studio. If you saw her initial video update, this 23 year old from Ohio was just warming up while she was getting in her groove. As you'll see, that groove will enchant you with her intoxicating look in addition to her ripped abs and lovely peaked biceps. What an addition Sandee is for us gang.

• Diana Schnaidt
Diana is back to finish off our shoot from the recent Arnold weekend with a 2 clip finale. I'll tell you what gang, this former ballerina knows how to close and lucky for us, you can watch it right here and now. Diana has the sizzle going on with her feminine charms and crazy ripped everything. Don't want to miss it period.

• Tamika Irvin
It was a great get for us to score a shoot with IFBB Figure pro Tamika Irvin a few days ago at the Pittsburgh pro show. This young lady just dazzles with her muscle charms and everything else about her. Here's a photo gallery update (Hotel hallway) from our encore shoot with the former gymnast who was a 2-time college All-American in track & field in the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Explosive and yet so feminine. That's Colorado girl Tamika in a nutshell.

Jill Brooks, Fitness and Figure Jill Brooks
Yeon and Skylar Yeon and Skylar
Christina Toon Christina Toon
Lisamaris Davila Vacques, Bodybuilder Lisamaris Davila Vacques
Cassie Rowe, Physique Cassie Rowe