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Natalie Newhart

As a long-time Cross-Fit competitor, Natalie built an outstanding physique which she now hopes will translate to the Physique division on a national level. As you will see, she has all she'll ever need to win and win soon. From top to bottom, her musculature is off the charts.

Gallery: 2

1 - Lower and upper body= Great.
150.56 MB
2 - Chiseled vascular wonder girl
141.75 MB
3 - Long hard flexes
130.61 MB
4 - Natalie- an adorable muscle babe
138.24 MB
5 - Biceps and full body look
137.45 MB
6- Long hard looks.
131.72 MB

Gallery: Muscles on Wheels

1- Warm up on skateboard.
121.56 MB
2- High peaks and very hard too.
135.82 MB
3- Rippling abs and powerful arms.
140.50 MB
4- Amazing from front and back.
140.47 MB
5- Back, rear bis, are jacked.
147.48 MB
6- Quads, calves, and vascular crazy.
160.52 MB